Sponsorship Basics

Elderly people live hard lives in developing countries. They are among the most vulnerable people in society. Many of them wonder how their most basic needs will be met: food, medical care, shelter, and human connection.

If an elderly person has a government pension it is worth almost nothing due to the economic climate and because there is often no one to care for them.

GrandpasDorcas partners with local organizations in Eastern Europe and Africa to select grannies who have the greatest need of social care. Local social workers choose people over the age of 55 who are no longer able to provide for themselves and are in need of human connection and support.

Through the Dorcas projects more than 5,000 grannies in eight countries now receive monthly food parcels, clothing, medical care, heating supplies in winter, and other material donations. In addition and equally important, grannies are connected consistently with caring staff who offer frequent visits and organize regular gatherings with other people in the community.

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