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Becoming a sponsor of a granny is one of the most concrete ways to help the elderly in our world. By supporting someone in this way, you know that your money is going to the direct care of a person in desperate need.

LeilaGrannyFor only $35 per month (or an annual donation of $420), your granny will receive monthly food parcels, regular medical care, house visits and opportunities for social connections through local partners. Dorcas social workers know their grannies by name and get to know them more and more as they are in the program.

To get started click here. Once Dorcas Aid America receives your sponsorship information we will match you with a granny. We will send your grannies photo and personal information via mail within two business days. From there you can read about the area that your granny lives in and how to correspond with your granny.

Dorcas Aid America is a 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts to Dorcas are tax-deductible. In accordance with IRS guidelines, contributions to Dorcas are not refundable.

Thank you for partnering with us to care for the most vulnerable in our world.

To learn about other relief and development projects that Dorcas Aid America is involved with, visit the Dorcas Aid America main site.

Become a sponsor now.