Moldova smallOverview

Area: 13,068 square miles (<.5% of the USA)
Population: 3.7 million
Capital: Chisinau
Length of Dorcas’ work: since 1994
Sectors of work:
– Sustainable livelihoods
– Child development
– Social care (including Elder care)

About Moldova

In the 1990s, Dorcas supported agricultural and renovation projects in Moldova from its field office in Romania. Dorcas also supported the local churches and state homes with materials and renovated a large home for the disabled. In 2000, Dorcas opened its own field office in Chicinau and started its first foster home for children.

Currently, Dorcas supports a large elder care program set up by several Moldavian local partner organizations. Hundreds of elderly people are visited by social workers, receive material assistance, and are invited to participate in social activities near them. This care is especially needed by elderly who live in remote agricultural areas and small villages.

Moldvoa is the poorest country in all of Europe. Over 25% of the population lives in poverty. Because of the lowly state provisions, elderly people and children in rural areas are struck the hardest by deep poverty Unemployment and labor migration causes families to fall apart; the elderly stay behind, with limited means and in poor helath. They often have the additional responsibility of looking after their grandchildren who have been left behind as well. A dormant political conflict in the Eastern region of Transnistria also threatens the harmony, development, and self-sufficiency of the Moldavian people.

In the coming years, Dorcas will focus on developing economic opportunities and raising productivity with the rural population. Dorcas will continue to give material assistance to the very poor and expand its Adopt A Granny program throughout Moldova.

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